Words that move the minds of millions... and #synthwave music

How can cyberpunk... plus deep thinking... turn your income exponential?

Modern life treats you like a cog in a machine.

Read on to find out what you can do about it...

You might be free on paper, but just try to do something that irritates a bureaucrat. What they call freedom is an illusion. If you didn't know that before 2020, you sure do now.

You were told from birth to go to school, shut up and listen to what you're told, don't ask questions, conform, obey...

... so you can go to work at a job, shut up and listen to what you're told, don't ask questions, conform, obey...

... so you can shut up, do what you're told, don't ask questions, conform, obey and consume product.

Are you starting to see the pattern?

It's the most sinister trap ever cooked up by human minds.

Some even say that no human made this situation... that unnatural forces are at work.

Maybe, maybe not.

What is real is the iron cage imprisoning each of us.

The question is...

What can you do about it?

If you insist on living in your conscious ego, going along with what everyone else does, never asking too many questions (heaven forbid doing any of that thinking stuff...), then not much.

You've built your own trap.

Your ego is the source of attachment, desire, and suffering. If you live by feeling or whatever thoughts "happen to you", you'll always be a helpless victim of forces outside your control.

If you're so desperate for validation from others that you don't dare do anything but conform, then hang it up.

I want you to take back responsibility for yourself.

The first task is to separate your surface-level thoughts, feelings, and desires from your inner True Self. That's the only way you can take responsibility.

The second task is to focus your attention on the world. Step out of that half-awake fantasy-land that most humans walk around in.

Bring reality into focus in your imagination. You're like an artist creating a vision of a great work and bringing it into reality.

Third thing: Understand that we live in a complex world of interconnected parts. The game is relationships, not things. If you can understand that now is not always... that things have happened before and things will change in the future... you are already far beyond the herd.

Let me introduce myself.

My name's Matt. I created the rogue planet community as...

A place for like-minded souls to gather, learn, and practice the arts of freedom

Yes, freedom is an art.

Like an art, if you don't practice it regularly and with intention, you will lose it.

It's a bonus if you're into science fiction, cyberpunk, 80s action movies, and synthwave music.

What's freedom?

Freedom is about independence. Whether that's independence from a job, horrible clients, or even a mortgage weighing you down.

Freedom means the right and the power to be your own unique self, without fear, doubt, or worrying about the silly judgments of silly frightened herd-animals.

It's about creating, producing, and connecting with others.

It's about cultivating and practicing high-value skills.

Being an artist might sound like some crazy fantasy, but I assure you, it's a real possibility, and it's available for you and your business.

With automation running out of control, your role as an artist might be the only thing standing between you and terminal unemployment in the "Age of AI".

What's inside?

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Why should you care about anything I have to say?

I hate talking about myself, I really do. I grew up in a place where humility and the social graces of politeness rule everything. I prefer to be the "underground genius", the power behind the throne, to the life of fame and glory.

But, I know you're curious. Why would you want any of these things from me?

In another life, I worked as a strength coach and "thought leader" in the health and fitness world. Today I work as a marketing consultant, email copywriter, and persuasion expert. Oh, and I earned my PhD in philosophy in 2019, specializing in ethics and moral philosophy, if you care about that kind of thing.

Yes, I actually do have real qualifications to teach and write about philosophy.

I like to write, think about writing, and tie that into personal development and business growth through the arts of web design, copywriting, and email marketing.

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