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How you can win when everyone around you worships losing

You want to succeed in life. Everyone around you is content to suck down Netflix and Cheetos.

You value achievement. They value comfort.

You want to win. They're satisfied with mindless consumption.

You aren't alone. There's a reason that so many people check out on life.

You're supposed to feel like a weirdo and outsider. You aren't supposed to chase success. They don't want you going after higher goals.

Your sense of purpose is essential to your nature as a human being.

But you're told – indoctrinated – from day zero to believe that you're a victim, that you can't succeed, that you're a privileged racist colonizer or a powerless victim of racist colonialism.

They want you powerless, fat, weak, and addicted.

You might have come to the wrong place, to tell you the truth.

If you're a permanent victim, if you need validation from other people, if you want "fast, easy, and simple", you're not going to like what I have to say.

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