About rogue planet

A rogue planet is a world that drifts through the void, alone, orbiting no star.

You like a little science fiction, a side of pulsing synthwave on the cassette, that old-fashioned cyberpunk aesthetic with the grungy spaceships and barely-human cyborgs?

Me too.

rogue planet brings you a dash of SFF, a pinch of 80's retro-synth aesthetics, and an appreciation for the finest pulp authors in the tradition of Lovecraft, Smith, and Howard.

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About rogue planet
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Why care what I think?

The rogue planet community is brought to you by an author and recovering academic who appreciates the craft of story, thinks that 80's action movies are about the best thing ever, and believes that John Carpenter is an underappreciated treasure.

Your Host works as a freelance direct-response marketing consultant & copywriter on the side... which means that I understand that talking about your favorite writers and stories isn't any fun when it's pretentious, dry, and boring.

SFF and weird "pulp" stories ought to be fun and exciting. Forget the Marxist revolutionary junk and the screeching about social change.

If that means reveling in Robert E. Howard's problematic masculinity or fanboying about 80s action flicks, then by Zeus's beard that's what we're going to do.

Oh, and we're going to talk about NewPub (indie publishing), the Pulp Revolution, and creativity, too.

How can you trust if this site is up your alley?

Here are a few rules of thumb:

  • You think Aliens, Predator, The Terminator, and Total Recall are among the best films ever made
  • You find yourself wishing for more films like this while gnashing your teeth at the state of Hollywood's terminal decline
  • You like to read stories about spaceships, ray-guns, and monsters getting smashed in the face by ex-bodybuilder action stars, but you find that there's a curious gap in that market
  • You aren't bothered when an SJW high priest casts Level 12 "that's racist" at a Lovecraft story from 1928
  • You find that John Carpenter's low-budget 80s movies tell better stories than any billion-dollar blockbuster in The Current Year

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