You don't get the best with lazy and cheap

It's rare that the easy, simple, fast choice is right.

But we all go for it.

Don't lie.

It's a bug built into the human hardware. We say we want all these nice things. We admire the high achievers. We might even write down the goals and set our minds to it...

For about 12 hours.

When it comes time to wake up and exercise, that bed feels mighty warm.

There's a saying among writers. Nobody wants to write. They want to have written.

Why do we humans always SAY that we want this and that and the other thing... but when it comes time to back it up with action, only 1% show up?

I wrote up a little something for you about this very subject. Maybe you'll find it helpful, or even a little interesting.

Click here if you want to read it:

Be good & take it easy.

Matt Perryman

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