Up your game before the kids take over

Yesterday morning my 7 year old daughter told me that she dreamed that she wrote a book and had her own publishing company.

Kids are upping the stakes on everything these days.

When I was 7 I wanted to be an astronaut.

No idea how that concept got into her head.

Maybe it has something to do with living in a house with 600+ books on the shelves.

Could be that she and her sister aren't allowed to use screens and barely know what the internet is. They spend their time playing with real toys, board games, and reading books.

I'm just saying.

If we're going to complain about the kids being lazy screen addicts, maybe we shouldn't shove a screen of addiction in their faces starting at age 9 months.

Call me whatever names you will, but know that I practice that which I preacheth.

This isn't only good advice for children. The mainstream internet is a fake mind-control device used to make you dull and compliant. If you aren't trolling, best to avoid it. (And keep limits on that trolling while you're at it... it's easy to become the abyss when you stare into it too long.)

I'm doing my small part to break out of that ugly machine.

Night's Gate, my private group slash blog, is growing slowly.

It looks like I'm doing a low-effort podcast in there now.

The more I get back from you, by way of feedback, the more I can add in text and spoken-word content.

If you like what you're getting from me so far, do me a favor and share the message.

Cool people only, please.

You can send them this convenient link:


Be good & take it easy.

Matt Perryman