The fear agenda

The machine needs you broken and compliant. But...

The spooky season is the perfect time to bring up the real-life horrors all around us.

We're stewing in a culture of fear.

Your safety is everything... which makes everything into a threat.

It's a bizarre Cult of Life that ironically worships the dead – numbers, statistics, facts, anything and everything but...

What makes your life worth living

None of our brave healthocrats ever stops to think about the point of extending life at any price... your life, our life... when it's a numbers game.

Like I was saying yesterday... our greatest terrors and horrors aren't about real threats to our bodies.

They're threats to our spirit. Threats to our most basic understanding of the reality we live in.

The inability to tell insanity from reality.

Our world is all appearance... and it's getting harder to tell the image from the truth.

Mass media equals mass hypnosis

It's like we've got our own personal "Scarecrow", the Batman villain, running around in our heads, blowing fear-dust into our neural circuits.

This ain't just about your mental health.

It's about your spiritual well-being. Your highest values. Your greater meaning and sense of purpose. What matters most to you.

The lesson of the greatest art, the art which has a point and isn't edgy grimdark nihilism, is that there can be a greater purpose than chasing material goods, living on the hedonic treadmill of status, identifying yourself with your gross desires.

That's why I write about sf stories and movies and the works of fiction that bring us out of our present condition.

That's about...

Seeing things differently

Nothing lets you see reality in a new way better than a good weird sf story.

Philosophy can do it, but philosophy's also dry and boring.

Good sf tales show philosophy without telling. Story is how you inform while entertaining.

The fear agenda needs to control your mind and what goes into it. They have their own stories to force on you, the Narrative of the consensus reality they need you to believe.

Freedom is the antidote. Freedom of thought, above all else.

But you aren't free 'cause you've got stuff. Absolute independence is not the one and only point of freedom. And you don't even get that much if your freedom is really cheap conformity to what everyone else has and does.

You've got to be free inside first.

And that means starting with your own head game.

The story you tell yourself is yours to tell. Great art gives you better stories.

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