Smash your face to drink less caffeine

I got a call from my kids' school a few days ago.

That's an "uh oh" moment. They never call unless somebody's got hurt.

And that remained true.

My daughter took a rough tumble during a foot race. Banged her head up pretty good.

She's fine. 'Twas but a kid-tumble, as they do if you allow them out of doors. Still not the kind of call you enjoy getting as Ol' Dad.

That's a first-hand lesson in how mental stress can be as debilitating as physical pain. A lesson I've taught for over a decade now.

Such misfortunes can be a gift in disguise, believe it or not.

But it all depends on you.

I wrote up a little piece over in Night's Gate today talking about this.

There's even some tips on putting it into action if you want to stop drinking so much caffeine.

You can read it here:

Matt Perryman

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