My personal war on better

That word "better" doesn't mean anything.

What's a "better person"?

Like when all these allegedly ethical business-persons love to tell you how they're making the world a better place.

At Brand X, we have a Cause and Mission. We aren't just here to make a profit! We're making a better world.

Like Weyland-Yutani Corporation, rolling in the ethical causes.

Can you tell me what "better world" means in precise details?

Can you draw me a friggin' picture of the better place?

Does it have rainbows and people holding hands, singing Disney songs?

I know what a better knife is. It cuts my sammiches flawlessly.

I can talk sense about a better car, a better food, a better house.

A better world?

Makes no sense. It's empty words. As meaningless as TPS reports sanitized to pass the easily-hurt feelings down in HR.

"Better" means nothing unless you can fill in the details.

And that right there is the punchline.

99/100 times you hear a person use that phrase "better world" or "better person"

What they mean is

"What I like."

There's nothing wrong with this... so long as you're aware enough to admit it.

Most aren't aware... and wouldn't admit the truth if they were. Self-deception is the currency of the kingdom.

Morals are identity... and identity is leverage.

Weaponized betterness.

If you don't agree, you're a Bad Guy or Bad Girl.

That's your free lesson for today.

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Be good & take it easy.

Matt Perryman