Karl Marx's ideas help greedy capitalist creators grow a profitable brand for once

A lesson from this communist hero that even the most exploitative fat-cats must know

Karl Marx's secret strategy teaches greedy capitalist creatives how to grow a profitable brand
Photo by Maximilian Scheffler / Unsplash

Karl Marx is often reviled, rightly, for his political ideals

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That's not to say the man never had any good ideas.

While I'll be the last one to pick up a red flag and call for a proletarian revolt against the exploitations of the capitalist pigs...

Marx did have one important insight into society that you, a creator, innovator, and marketer, would do well to understand.

Marx was a materialist philosopher. He didn't care much about ideas. He was interested in the practical side of life.

Taking action.

Let the thinkers think. The productive activity is where the money's at.

Which is why Marxists always go on about seizing the means of production.

Here's what that means for you artists, writers, and creators.