How to stop thinking like a worm

Do you have more willpower than an earthworm? Philosopher Colin Wilson didn't think so.

He wrote dozens of books in which he argued that most of us drift through life in a dream-like "worm's eye view" on reality.

Total boredom. All the color drained out of it. One day, you're sitting in traffic for the 1072nd day in a row, wondering why in the heck you're doing this, to go to a job you don't care for, in order to get enough money to keep going through the motions which are slowly killing you on the inside.

It feels like your body is moving, but you're not going anywhere good. Or anywhere at all.

Muck and filth are the horizons of a worm's vision.

We aren't born this way. But once in this state, you've lost the power to soar above all the robotic monotony.

You can't blame your inner robot though. You need that guy. None of us would get far past childhood if we weren't able to learn new skills and put them on auto-pilot.

You can't ditch the robot, but you can't let it take control, either. Heck of a bind.

The good news is that Colin Wilson also suggested a solution to the robot-blues.

It contradicts nearly all the advice you hear from the pop-cult brain fetishists and cognitive psychiatrists.

But it can teach you, in just a few minutes of concentration, how to elevate yourself above your dirty worm consciousness and see the world like an eagle.

I've tried it myself, and it is pretty wild stuff.

If you want to know how to pull yourself out of your boring reality, click here:

Matt Perryman

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