Freedom to create

You can't be free if you aren't free to express yourself...

Look, this is a science fiction blog about writing and cyberpunk memes.

But I'm on a freedom kick this week. And freedom is a quintessential cyberpunk theme.

Freedom of individuals when technology threatens liberty and even the whole idea of a person. Freedom of political life when megacorps and governments work together to totally control your life.

Freedom a persistent theme if you're in business for yourself.

We get into business for ourselves because we hate working for idiot bosses, on somebody else's schedule, giving up our time and skill to add to somebody else's bottom line.

Though, as the marketing great Dan Kennedy once said, going out on your own only trades your job in for a bad boss you can't quit and a bad employee you can't fire.

Freedom's great, but it ain't easy.

And that was before the "gig economy" showed up. Since Cyberpunk is Real Life, you'd best be paying attention.