The planet is going dark

What's changing & what's next for the rogue planet

Writing is hard.

Making a living with it is downright impossible, says the common sense of the herd.

Fortunately I've never been one to listen to the herd. As marketing great Dan Kennedy says, you almost never go wrong when you find out what the herd is doing and do the opposite.

That doesn't make it easy. Not when you start from scratch with no list, no audience, and no contacts.

You're joining Sisyphus with his boulder.

Up to now I've been writing in public, but quietly, doing very little to build a list or pull traffic over here to the planet. The holes in that strategy couldn't be more clear.

On reflection I've been operating in a 2010 mindset where you could set up a blog and post and gain traction (sort of). But it's a 2020s reality, and those old expectations don't work anymore.

I've been thinking hard and deep about how to best carry rogue planet forward.

Which leads me to a re-think of my strategy.

I'm taking this sucker dark.

Not offline. Dark mode. Out into the dark matter fields... Into the exclusive "inner sanctum".

Here's the tl;dr:

  • Daily content is moving inside the HQ and on the email list.
  • The newsletter is shifting to one free article and one premium article (for paying subscribers only) each week.
  • I'll be adding premium audio & video trainings for members on the inside to go along with the written articles.
  • Existing free subscribers will be grandfathered in as early supporters and founding members. There are no more free subscriptions to the newsletter after today.
  • If you want to go ahead and become a paying supporter, you can do that by clicking here.

Why would you invest in a subscription?

  • You'll get access to premium articles here on the newsletter which aren't available to anyone else.
  • You'll support an independent author & independent publishing.
  • You'll get away from the Big Tech platforms with their cancel culture and woke pandering.
  • You can experience the unique rogue planet point of view, presenting Big Ideas with fun and entertaining 80s cyberpunk art & music.
  • You can say you get training from an actual philosopher. (I'm not kidding.)
  • You'll get access to premium podcasts & video mini-courses that will only go to paying subscribers
  • You'll get priority preference and subscriber discounts on any future products that I create (including the books that I plan to assemble from the paid articles)

If you're interested in that kind of thing, even if you only want the free stuff, you can get going at this link:

If you're already a member, then tell a friend. It's as easy as sharing the link or forwarding this email to them.

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